It’s the people who make the difference at Dental Health Services Victoria (DHSV).

Our patients come from many different cultures and social backgrounds and treating them is what makes our job so rewarding and so challenging.

Career News

People working in our organisation are passionate about making a difference to the oral health of Victorians.  

Our very own Melissa Stevens takes another giant leap in advancing her career in public oral health.

A graduate of DHSV’s Indigenous Dental Assisting Traineeship and a recent recipient of the national 2014 Koolin Balit Aboriginal Learner Award, she is now set to take up her Bachelor of Health Sciences in Dentistry.  

Melissa makes history as she is the first Aboriginal woman to be accepted into this field at La Trobe University.

Melissa has become a great advocate for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander oral health. We are proud to have been able to share her journey to such success!